原声大碟 -《粉红火烈鸟》(Pink Flamingos)Special 25th Anniversary Edition[MP3!]


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原声大碟.-.[粉红火烈鸟.-.Pink.Flamingos].专辑.(MP3).rar 33.2MB

原声大碟 -《粉红火烈鸟》(Pink Flamingos)Special 25th Anniversary Edition[MP3!]



电影围绕“The Filthiest Person Alive”(世上最恶心的人)展开。一开始,Divine上报了,作为这个伟大的称呼拥有者。由于名气太大,他们搬到一个移动房子里面居住,Divine改名为Babs。他们的生活并不安宁,有一对夫妻Raymond和Connie垂涎于那个头衔,认为自己才是最恶心的人,对Divine丝毫不服气。这两个人又是何方神圣呢?他们有一幢别墅,生活应该还是比较殷实的:有一名司机和一个秘密地下室。地下室里面有她们捉来的少女,手脚被捆绑着。司机下去把自己的精*用针管注射到少女的**,让她们怀孕。等孩子生出来了,Raymond夫妇就把孩子卖给Les们赚钱。




Connie: I love you, Raymond! I love you more than anything in this whole world. I love you even more than my own filthiness... more than my hair color... Oh God, I love you more than the sound of bones breaking... the sounds of death rattle! Even... even more than my own shit... Do I love you, Raymond?

Raymond: And… and I, Connie, also love you… more than anything that I could ever imagine. More than my hair color! More than the sound of babies crying of dog dying. Even more than the thought of original sin itself. Oh, I am yours, Connie, eternally united to you… through an invisible cord of finely woven filth… that even God himself could never, ever break.




本音乐专辑为《粉红火烈鸟(Pink Flamingos)》电影原声音乐,Link Wray, Mark Grant, The Centurions等人作曲。


Featuring mostly obscure late 50s/early 60's pop tracks with a bit of rockabilly, jazz, surf music and swing thrown in for good measure, there is an intoxicating mix of upbeat tunes here along with some minor key moments and abstract oddities. Songs such as La Verne Baker's Jim Dandy, Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent, Little Richards The Girl Can't Help It & Bill Hayley's Ooh! Look-a There Ain't She Pretty are the kind of infectious jazz styled 60's pop your grandmother would happily sing along to and wouldn't be out of place on The Wanderers soundtrack. Though a nice slice of well written early pop some would consider this style of music cringe-worthy and camp to the extreme, the context of the film in which they are used to bring these qualities out certainly doing these songs no justice. In all intentional purpose though, it is more then successful. Pink Champagne by The Tyrones is a notable track out of this upbeat selection, featuring some playful trumpets and a fast, walking bassline it is an immersive song with a debauched swing that is played for full effect in the film. After viewing it's corresponding scene it will never be seen in the same light again.

The few instrumental tracks are stellar. Moving along with a mid-tempo rockabilly stagger, Link Wray & The Ray Men's The Swag is quite unlike anything else on here and is the perfect opener to both the movie and the album. Intoxica by The Centurions features some fantastic surf guitar and thunderous drums, appropriately drowning in reverb it is atmospheric and timeless. Chicken Grabber by The Nite Hawks has a slight junkyard percussion jazz feel that brings to mind the abstract musical style of Tom Waits, some chicken noises and a man's voice sample of "Here chick, chick, chick, chick, chick...." constantly interweaving with some dark basslines and trumpet stabs makes a song that is as dark and sinful sounding as it is ridiculous. Other notable moments on here are Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen, an obnoxious vocal over some fast surf-rock which is the bizarre soundtrack to an equally strange scene where a man sings with a gesticulating anus, and Riot In Cell Block #9 by The Robins which is a nice blues number about prison which recalls the slow burning swagger of BB King & the soul of Ray Charles.

The soundtrack to Pink Flamingos is one of the driving forces behind it's appeal, the film itself is an acquired taste with some of the most revolting scenes ever committed to film dripping in camp cheese (director John Water's is a flamboyant homosexual and his tastes come out strong, if you are homophobic this is not for you). The music is suitably appropriate, it features some upbeat obscure late 50s/early 60's jazzy pop numbers amongst a few great instrumentals from the era of varying genre all of which take on a new, unshakably disturbing veneer after you watch the film. There are a couple of songs that are more or less filler, but the songs that stand out more then make up for it.


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